How is PLG Realty different?

Fees explained in under a minute

Have you met with an agent and been presented with a list of fees at the end of the appointment? Have you found yourself wondering … if I have to pay separately for every single thing you do to manage my property, what is the management fee actually for?

Jaye did. While signing countless clients to the same fee model at every agency where she worked, Jaye found herself wondering every time if this was really the best way.

If there’s one thing she’s passionate about, no matter what industry it applies to, it’s not getting into the trap of continuing to do something the same way just because that’s the way it’s always been done. So she started planning her business model from scratch, working out how to provide a stellar service and run a profitable agency, not reinventing the wheel but avoiding the common elements of bad service still found across Perth. There is strong evidence that the traditional ‘management fee plus fee for services’ model is flawed, and that it is counterproductive to maintaining a high standard of management of your property.

PLG Realty emerged as a truly client-focussed, flexible business with a unique fee structure that challenges the status quo and provides real value-for-money to clients without being ‘cheap’.

Proven results

  • Consistently less than 1% of tenants in arrears.
  • More than 95% of leases renewed on time (bearing in mind there will always be some that remain periodic in the best interests of both parties), with the rent reviewed on each occasion to make sure you’re getting the best you can out of your investment.
  • By implementing her procedures in an agency with over 350 properties, Jaye reduced their expired leases from 18% to less than 5% in just 3 months. Overdue inspections went from 15% to zero in the same timeframe.

With PLG Realty, it’s not just empty promises. Your agent should measure their own performance data, watch the numbers like a hawk and be able to tell you what they’re achieving. Because results are measurable – including customer service. Ask your agent how many unanswered emails are in their inbox – and if they’re not sure, you need the agent who can say ‘zero’. 

No revolving door of property managers

Your property is managed by the person with the most interest in providing outstanding service – the agency owner. With extensive experience managing properties herself, and having developed the procedures that helped other property managers improve their service, Jaye has your property management needs covered.